The Phantom of the Theatre


Join the cast and crew of “The Blue Lady” at the historic Moxey Theatre for a MURDER INVESTIGATION no one will ever forget!

Renowned Broadway director Olivier Lyons has purchased the dilapidated Moxey Opera House and spent two years restoring it, all to put on his production of “The Blue Lady”, a tale of crime and betrayal based on a true story. The Moxey Theatre is a stunning venue that closed during the Great Depression. Temporarily shuttered, it fell into disrepair.

Then, there were the ghosts…

Unexplained accidents and actors being tormented and disappearing has plagued the lead-up to opening night culminating in a bizarre murder (or murders)! Was it really The Phantom of the Theatre behind it all, or is there a more diabolical plot afoot?

What could possibly go wrong in this interactive Murder Mystery Mingle?

There will be suspects and sleuths aplenty and everyone will fight to establish their alibis to prove their innocence, while trying to solve the crime & ultimately discovering Whodunnit!

Plenty of finger-pointing, backstabbing, blackmail and unbridled skulduggery will ensue…. perhaps YOU are the Murderer!

P.S Nobody will know who the guilty person is until the BIG reveal. Our suspects will not lie to our sleuths, so the puzzle is possible to solve.

Tickets are available to our Murder Mystery night now $25 per person, supper included.
Bar will be open for the evening.

If you would like to volunteer to be really immersed in this interactive murder mystery, please email [email protected] we have some roles available, see below:


 Martine Blackhurst
A seasoned Broadway star with a diva’s temperament, Martine is no stranger to the limelight. Her long-standing friendship with legendary director Olivier Lyons brought her to The Moxey Theatre. Recently, she’s been on edge, convinced that the “Phantom of the Theatre” has her in its sights. Leading Lady Martine is playing Rowena Lively in the production of The Blue Lady.

Jenna Sacks
As the assistant to the renowned actor Bryant Drake, Jenna harbors dreams of making it big in theatre, and believes Bryant Drake is her golden ticket. Jenna is tenacious and driven, determined to make the most of her assistant role, even if it means navigating the whims of the demanding leading man, Bryant Drake.

Falcon Sanders
The go-to stage illusionist, Falcon is the best in the business. When directors want the audience to gasp, wondering how something on the stage was done, they call Falcon Sanders. A perfectionist at heart, Falcon takes immense pride in her craft, making the impossible seem possible on stage.

Angie Farrow
As the stage manager, Angie is the beating heart behind the scenes of “The Blue Lady.” Her intensity is a testament to her myriad of responsibilities, ensuring every aspect of the production runs seamlessly. A long-time friend of Director Olivier Lyons from their time on Broadway,
her unwavering dedication to the cast, crew, and the production is felt by everyone in the production.

Olivier Lyons
The quirky and slightly obsessive writer and director of “The Blue Lady”, Olivier’s passion project has been the restoration of the old Moxey Opera House, now called ‘The Moxey Theatre’. With a storied career on Broadway, he’s a legend in theatre circles, known for his meticulous attention to detail and flare for bringing audiences to their feet.

Len Collier
The ever-charming understudy to leading man Bryant Drake, Len is both personable and talented. While he has found himself in the shadows of the leading man once again, his acting prowess is undeniable. Len has been one of Olivier Lyons’ understudies on multiple occasions, and has proven himself reliable enough that Olivier has requested him by name to back up Bryant Drake in the role of Gerald Lively in The Blue Lady.

Lucas McCreedy
Lucas is Olivier Lyons’ choice for all stunt coordination, fight scene choreography and performing some of the bigger stunts in The Blue Lady. A fun-loving man with a penchant for humour, Lucas is the life of the party offstage. However, when the spotlights are on him, he transforms into a consummate professional, making the actors’ safety his number one priority, which has earned him the trust of the entire cast.

Marcell Vane
A wealthy benefactor with a passion for the arts, Marcell’s deep pockets played a pivotal role in breathing new life into the Moxey Theatre for Olivier Lyons’ refurbishment. His significant financial contributions to the ‘Moxey Project’ and the production proves his passion for theatre. Needless to say, he has a tangible vested interest in the success of Olivier Lyons’ production of The Blue Lady.


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