An Interactive Mingle Murder Mystery Evening

Event date:  February 25  2023

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This is not a stage production but an Interactive mingle murder mystery evening where a murder will take place and every guest can be a super sleuth questioning the suspects, gathering intel and piecing together the puzzle in order to correctly cast your accusation at the end.

In preparation for the big event we recommend screening old episodes of Murder She Wrote and Agatha Christie movies. Plan out some questions in advance, like ‘where were you at the time of the murder?’ ‘can anyone verify your whereabouts?’ or ‘did you have anything against the deceased?’. From there as you ask the suspects questions, their answers will lead you to more questions. Regardless of your current experience or comfort level, you will quickly find yourself cross-interrogating suspects to identify holes in their stories

As the evening begins you will be questioned by others. You will answer these questions based on the information in your guide. You don’t have to memorise your information – unless you want to, of course! While answering questions you will also be interrogating others. Guess what! If you’re the killer, you won’t know it. There are a number of reasons for this that are explained further in your guide. Trust us, it’s waaaaaaay better this way.

The year is 1857 and the Wild West of legend is in full swing. Gold fever has taken over, and for the past few years, people of all ages and backgrounds have rushed to California to find their riches. Here in what will later be known as Colorado though, things are much less exciting. As people pass by Cherry Creek, Pike’s Peak and the South Platte River en route to San Francisco, they quickly learn that, aside from the occasional tumbleweed rolling by, life in Cherry Creek is pretty dull. But locals and travelers alike have one place to go that is always exciting, fun and filled with joviality – The Cherry Creek Saloon.

To add to the experience, it would be great if all guests came dressed to suit the Western Saloon theme but we do want to make things as easy as possible for you to dress within your comfort level and budget. You can keep it simple with a flannelette or checked shirt and jeans or you might like to check out the costume department at BLOC (Ballarat Light Opera Co) at 608 Peel St, Ballarat. As one of the characters you may have a particular item or style of clothing which will be described in your pdf. download. Please be as creative (or uncreative!) as you like!