Creswick Theatre Company’s 2019 Pantomime:

The Lamington Man

Written by Kel Richards adapted for stage by Trina Crowe

Continuing on with our tradition of presenting a Winter School Holiday Pantomime every July, the Creswick Theatre Company is excited to present ‘The Lamington Man’ to our young audience.

Be amongst the first in the WORLD to see this brand new pantomime which is an Aussie take of the traditional Gingerbread Man tale.

Featuring song and dance and even some expert juggling skills, your littlies will be dancing and singing as they follow the adventures of our Lamington Man!

When Matilda bakes a special lamington man treat for the children, he leaps right off the baking tray shouting ‘Run, Run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Lamington Man’.

A fast little fella, he runs right out the kitchen door and challenges all who cross his path to a running chase but, alas, all are too slow to catch him! Soon the Lamington man comes across a cunning crocodile who tries to trick the cocky cake.

Will the Lamington Man outrun the cunning crocodile?

Run, Run, Run as fast as you can and book your tickets for The Lamington Man!

Our usual seating for the matinee shows remain the same; 40 spaces available for the kids at the front and 60 chairs at the back for the parents and their kids.

Evening shows remain as cabaret style seating.

We hope you enjoy our premier pantomime  season.

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Did You Know

That Creswick Theatre Company is one of only very few live theatres in Australia that offers cabaret style seating? It’s our point of difference and we are proud to be able to offer it for selected productions to our theatre going patrons.

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