You’re an Instrument!

School Holiday Fun


A magical, musical science experiment

that turns people into instruments!

There is only one performance of this fantastic show and spaces will be limited!

Presented by:  Travelling Airsticks Laboratory

You’re an Instrument is an engaging performance for primary years, featuring two scientists who take students on a wild interactive ride where every movement, thought and emotion becomes music.

Contrasting ancient acoustic sounds with the very latest electronic technological breakthroughs, this is a scary, fun, and magical performance where the audience shapes the story, shakes their bodies, and makes music together!

Framed as a ‘workshop gone rogue’ this crazy quirky experience is an ideal intro to cutting-edge interactive music/sound design practices, theatre, science, science-fiction and the power of sound-art and storytelling.

The Travelling Airsticks Laboratory are professional On the Road Program performers and real-life music technology researchers.

You’re an Instrument is a fun and inclusive performance perfect for primary school ages (Foundation to Year 6)

Performers: Alon IIsar, Ciaran Frame, and Erick Mitsak

Running Time: 45mins + 15mins Q&A

Recommended ages: F-6

The show begins under the guise of an interesting but dry workshop on all sorts of music technology.

Playing a version of themselves, Alon and Ciaran explain they are researchers from Monash University’s SensiLab (actually true), who also perform and compose music and create new instruments (also true!). In explaining and performing with different types of instrument technology from old to new, Ciaran accidentally reveals an experimental pill that turns people into instruments.

Ciaran immediately tries to shut down this diversion, but Alon is overjoyed: he wants to try it for the very first time right here! After an ethical wrangle, it is agreed an adult from the audience may be tested on (if they sign a waiver). Erick, a ‘dad’ in the audience, swallows the pill, but it is more powerful than expected: it can vocalise thoughts, create horrifying sounds, and transport you to different realms! The scientists lose control – lights flash, Erick appears possessed, and panic ensues.
With the audiences help, Erick regains control, and can transport himself to any musical world imaginable, creating new sounds every time he moves. He embarks on a sonic adventure, visiting places he dreams up, seemingly pulling sounds from his imagination at will. Soon after though, Erick realises what he actually desires is to play with others. His wish accidentally comes true as it seems that anything Erick touches, from tissue boxes to stuffed toys, turns into an instrument! The show goes out with a bang, as the audience form a band with Erick, sharing in his powers to think up sounds and play with each other.
The show was conceived via the incredible technology of the ‘AirSticks’: bluetooth-enabled small cordless objects (stuck to a body-part or object) that allows users to move freely and generate sounds and music through surround sound speakers. In the show and workshop, we use the AirSticks technology to allow the performers and students to translate their bodily movements to music.
The cast are professional performers and real-life music technology researchers with much experience in both mainstream & special needs sectors, tailoring every show to each individual audience.
 Warnings: Contains occasional loud noises and some scary themes/moment. Eg. When the scientists lose control of the experiment and the actor, Erick makes loud noises / we hear his thoughts.
Appropriate Age Range: You’re an Instrument is a fun and inclusive performance perfect for primary school ages F-6
Key themes:
1. Music: ancient history & latest technology
2. Emotions & Creativity: sound triggers emotion and different emotions makes different music
3. Interactive movement that creates sounds (where Physical Education and dance make music).